SUN LIFE inverter

Sunlife Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Solar inverter is An essential component of any solar system. A solar inverter should be of the highest caliber. When it comes to providing optimal performance for your electric and solar energy setups, Sunlife Solar Inverter is the best available in Pakistan.

Sunlife Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Sunlife 4.2KW 4Kw Hybrid Solar Inverter ₨130,900.00
Sunlife 3kw 3Kva Sunpro Hybrid Solar Inverter ₨110,000.00
Sunlife 6.2KW 6Kw Hybrid Solar Inverter₨156,500.00
Sunlife 1.5KW Solar Inverter₨70,500.00
Sunlife 3.6KW Solar Inverter₨130,000.00

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