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Solis solar inverter price in Pakistan

The largest and most well-known inverter manufacturer worldwide is Solis Solar Inverter. The company specializes in producing single- and three-phase solar inverters. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has continuously increased its dedication to offering affordable and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Solis solar inverters are suitable for a variety of applications, including residential, agricultural, and utility. Among the many awards the company has received is the title of Most Innovative Company in the Chinese PV Industry.

Solis Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Solis Solar InverterPrice
Solis Inverter 20kw Rs.520000
Solis S5 Inverter on grid 25kw Rs.680000
Solis S5 Inverter on grid 30kwRs. 75500
Solis S5 Inverter on grid 50kw Rs.900000
Solis S5 Inverter on grid 60kw Rs.990000
Solis 5G Pro on grid 110kw Rs.1390000

Solis Inverter Price In Pakistan Affecting Factors

Two significant factors that impact the price of a Solis inverter in Pakistan are the size of the solar panel you choose and whether the inverter operates in single or three phases. 

Grid-Tied Inverter Solis 

The Solis Inverter is now among the best solar inverters available. They provide high-quality on-grid inverters that are well-known for their robustness and efficiency. There’s also a multi-year warranty offered.

With ease, the Solis on-grid inverter can transition between solar energy and grid electricity, effectively converting solar power into usable AC current. The electricity produced by the solar panels is wasted in the absence of an inverter since no equipment acts as an intermediary to change the DC current into a useful AC current. 

Key Features of Solis Solar Inverter 


Solis inverters are some of the best solar inverters on the market, with efficiency ratings as high as 98%. They are able to harness the solar energy your panels capture to generate more useful electricity. 

Dependable effectiveness 

Solis inverters are designed for long-term durability and weather resistance. In addition, a one-year warranty and a five-year warranty on the output power are provided.

 Features that are easy to use

Solis inverters come with a ton of user-friendly features, such as an integrated LCD screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. It makes tracking and resolving any problems with your solar system easier. 

Modern technology 

On state-of-the-art, Solis inverters maximize your solar system’s efficiency using cutting-edge technology. It includes functions like MPPT tracking, which helps you get the most power out of your solar panels.

Remote observation Solis inverters may be remotely monitored thanks to the Solis Cloud platform. It allows you to keep an eye on the functioning of your solar system from anywhere in the world. 

The finding of errors 

Solis inverters include integrated fault detection tools that can help you find and fix any problems with your solar system. 

Small and light in weight 

Due to their lightweight and small design, Solis inverters are simple to install. Solis Inverter Price in Pakistan Although the firm produces solar inverters of many shapes and sizes, on-grid Solis solar inverters are the most widely utilized in the Pakistani market because of their superior functionality with on-grid solar systems.

Factors Affecting the Solis Inverter Price In Pakistan

 Inverter Capacity 

The primary elements influencing the cost of Solis solar inverters in Pakistan are the size of the system you require and your energy consumption. A Solis inverter’s cost in Pakistan rises as it gains more power. 

Dollar Exchange Rate

Since the majority of the parts for solar energy systems are imported from other countries. Since US dollars are used for international trade, Pakistan has yet to see stability recently. Nonetheless, the cost of Solis solar inverters in Pakistan is impacted by this erratic dollar exchange rate.

Pakistani installers and distributors also use US dollars for their purchases. The exchange rate between the US dollar and the Pakistani rupee causes the US dollar’s value to fluctuate, which could have an impact on the price of Solis solar inverters in Pakistan. 


Inflation is a significant factor that affects Solis inverter prices in Pakistan. It has two effects on expenses. First, producers may choose to increase prices as a result of rising labor and raw material costs brought on by inflation.

Distributors and installers likewise raise their pricing in response to price increases from manufacturers to cover their additional costs. 

Government Taxes 

Governments impose various levies to fund their operations and projects. These taxes include, among other things, sales taxes, commodity taxes, and customs fees.

When the government raises taxes on solar items to suit its budgetary needs, the price of Solis inverters in Pakistan may also increase.

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