Sofar solar inverter

Sofar solar inverter prices in Pakistan

SOFAR SOLAR Inverter is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) or solar inverters. The company was founded in 2012 and has rapidly gained recognition for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. So SOFAR Group’s subsidiary is one of the top five residential and commercial inverter manufacturers in China.

Is the SOFAR SOLAR inverter good?

The SOFAR achieves an impressive 97.7% efficiency rate by effectively managing input for optimal energy production with a single maximum power point tracking (MPPT). Its IP65-rated construction and light weight make it simple to install outside while offering protection and durability.

Sofar is one of the most well-liked inverters available today, and for good reason. While Sofar may not do as well as SMA and Fronius in some categories, it is comparable to many of its rivals when considering both price and performance.

Maximum Efficiency in Sofar Inverter Operativity

With a European weighted efficiency rate of 98.30%, the DC inverter efficiency ratio can reach 98.75%. In contrast to rival solar inverter models available in the market, this model’s self-consumption energy ratio during the night is even lower than 1 watts. The efficiency ratio of the MPPT module is also less than 99.9%.

Best Protective Features for Sofar Solar Inverters

While the protective mechanisms in the solar inverter decrease the risk of faults and notify the user promptly if any do occur, the best Sofar inverters are designed to operate smoothly without disturbing the user with settings or other issues.

DC Reverse Polarity Protection: This feature protects the circuit from damage by switching off power in the event of reversed DC polarity, which could cause damage to an everlasting circuit.

Anti-Islanding Protection: This function prevents harm by turning off the PV inverters if the circuit breaker isolates the grid.

Leakage Current: The feature breaks the circuit and alerts you right away if there is any current leakage in the circuit, which could harm the entire apparatus, including the PV plates and charge controllers.

Ground Fault Monitoring: Any issues could arise with the grounding, resulting in lightning damage. This monitoring pings the user if the grounding is improper. PV-array String.

Fault Detection: The voltage inverter will identify and alert you if there is an issue with the string that connects the PV array. PiD protection refers to the potential induced degradation of photovoltaic plates, which has an impact on the power output and the efficiency of the modules. This degradation increases with usage and time. The PID protection mitigates this effect in the solar panel inverter.

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