SMA solar inverter

SMA solar inverter Price in Pakistan

SMA is a well-known global manufacturer of SMA solar inverter and one of the few businesses that provide top-notch inverters for grid-tie systems at residential, commercial, and utility scales. The German company was created in 1981 in the history of solar inverters or firms. For a considerable time, the SMA string inverters, known as Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower, outperformed others on the market.

SMA solar inverter Price in Pakistan

SMA solar inverter Price
SMA 6Kw On-Grid Inverter₨ 299,800.00
SMA 10Kw On-Grid InverterRs. 385,000/
SMA 20Kw On-Grid InverterRs. 460,000/-
SMA 25Kw On-Grid InverterRs. 960,000/-

The model’s specifications and the inverter’s capacity directly affect the cost of SMA on-grid inverters in Pakistan or elsewhere. It gets more pricey the more you desire. As long as you don’t worry about cost because Premier Energy offers SMA’s premium inverters at a price that fits your budget, you won’t have to pay a single cent more for anything. Contact us and join our energy revolution to reap the rewards of the sun’s boundless power.

Features of SMA Solar Inverter

For a very long time, SMA grid-tie inverters have been the best available on the market. They remain among the best inverters and are favored by many dealers and customers. The following are the specs for SMA on-grid inverters:

  • Floor and wall mounting options are available.
  • It doesn’t need a DC fuse.
  • Features an integrated DC connector
  • Available with built-in WiFi
  • Safeguard against overvoltage in AC/DC.
  • Fully accessible places for connections
  • Combined DC isolator
  • A straightforward and appealing design
  • All processes are displayed on an LED display.
  • It can be observed from a distance.
  • Maximum working is enabled with six MPPT inputs.
  • 98.4% maximum efficiency

SMA Solar Inverter Usage

The following applications for these incredibly dependable and efficient inverters include:

  • DC to useable 240V AC reform Generate power continuously.
  • Ensure constant voltages despite external fluctuations.
  • Give extra energy to the grid so that it can be stored.
  • SMA On-grid Solar Inverters’ Capacity
  • These are multi-capacity inverters.
  • Although competing inverters with comparable capacities have surpassed SMA’s lesser capacities over time, the larger-capacity
  • SMA inverters are still considered the best on the market.

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