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Knox Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Knox Solar Inverter offers a large selection of solar inverters. Krypton and Xenon are two new series that have just been released. With features like dual output, IP65 protection, waterproofing, huge LED displays, and much more, these solar inverters make it easy to monitor your solar energy thanks to built-in Wi-Fi systems.

They are made with premium-grade materials. The manufacturing of Knox solar inverter ensures your long-term performance and durability. Knox On-Grid Inverter has a cutting-edge device that will transform Pakistan’s solar energy infrastructure. For residential, commercial, and industrial applications, the Knox Inverter offers unparalleled dependability, efficiency, and strong performance.

They are designed to endure the particular difficulties posed by Pakistan’s environment. The Knox solar inverter guarantees efficient power generation and smooth grid integration at a reasonable price. It is the best option for supplying electricity for your Pakistani solar installations.

Knox Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Knox Solar InverterPrice
Knox Krypton 5000 3Kw Hybrid Rs.157,000
Knox Krypton 5600 4Kw Hybrid Rs.168,000
Knox Krypton 7200 6Kw Hybrid Rs.215,000
Knox Krypton 7500 6Kw Hybrid Rs.260,000
Knox Krypton 8000 6Kw Hybrid Rs.240,000
Knox Krypton 11000 8Kw Hybrid Rs.400,000
Knox Krypton 13000 11Kw HybridRs. 450,000
Knox Xenon 9000 IP65 6Kw Hybrid IP65 Rs.330,000
Knox Xenon 11000 IP65 8Kw Hybrid IP65 Rs.458,000
Knox Xenon 16000 IP65 12Kw Hybrid IP65 Rs.830,000
Knox G2 On Grid 5Kw IP65 Rs.250,000
Knox G2 6kw On Grid IP65 Rs.220,000
Knox G2 10kw On Grid IP65 Rs.250,000
Knox G2 15kw On Grid IP65Rs. 320,000
Knox G2 20kw On Grid IP65Rs. 360,000
Knox G2 30kw On Grid IP65Rs. 490,000
Knox G2 40kw On Grid IP65Rs. 530,000
Knox G2 110kw On Grid IP65 Rs.1380,000
Knox G2 50kw On Grid IP65 Rs.650,000
Knox Argon 3500 3Kw Off Grid Rs.130,000
Knox Argon 4500 3Kw Off Grid Rs.150,000
Knox Argon 6000 5Kw Off Grid Rs.170,000

Features of Knox Solar Inverter

1. Simple to Install:

Using common tools, the installation process is quick and simple, requiring little time or effort to set up. Wall mounting is possible because of the compact design, which saves room and makes installation easier in different places.

A plug-and-play AC connector reduces installation complexity by making it easier to connect to the electrical grid. Easy connectivity and monitoring are made possible by the user-friendly interface of the Solplanet App, which facilitates speedy Wi-Fi setup.

2. Reliable:

Manufacturers ensure durability and dependability for long-term performance by producing them by international quality standards. By protecting the solar system from electrical surges and spikes, the integrated Surge Protection Device (SPD) module increases system longevity and protection.

An IP65 designation guarantees that the inverter is resistant to dust, moisture, and other environmental variables, making it appropriate for outdoor operation.

3. User-Friendly:

The efficient use of solar power is made possible by a high DC/AC ratio of up to 150%, which maximizes energy production and system performance. Energy harvesting is improved by the wide MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) range of 150V to 1000V, which allows for optimal functioning under variable solar circumstances.

To optimize energy yield, dual MPPT architecture provides installation flexibility by supporting various solar array designs and orientations.

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