Inverex Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Inverex Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

The charge controllers are a component of solar inverters; a typical inverter lacks one. It helps regulate and control the voltage and current that go from the solar panel to the battery. It prevents the battery from overcharging and is used in place of a blocking diode. These solar inverters are available at different prices in Pakistan.

The Inverex solar inverter is currently reasonably priced and accessible in Pakistan! With the help of these high-performance solar inverters, you can increase the effectiveness of your solar energy system and provide dependable power for your house or place of business.

Inverex solar inverter Price in Pakistan

Inverter ModelPrice
Inverex Veyron II Premium 4Kw -24V Mppt Solar InverterRs. 198,800
Inverex Nitrox 8 KW – 48 V Solar inverter (Single phase)Rs. 496,999
Inverex Nitrox 3KW Hybrid Solar InverterRs. 290,000
Inverex Nitrox 8 KW – 48 V Solar Inverter (Single phase)Rs. 550,000
Inverex Veyron II 1200W-12V Solar Inverter High-Efficiency Pure Sine Wave Inverter 5 Years Brand WarrantyRs. 90,000
Inverex Nitrox 6Kw Hybrid Solar InveterRs. 400,000
Inverex Nitrox 12 KW – 48 V Solar Inverter (Three phase)Rs. 1,000,000
Inverex Veyron II 4KW 4000W-24v Built-In Wifi For Remote Monitoring 5 Year Brand Warranty 2024Rs. 200,000
Inverex Veyron II Premium- 2.5 Kw -24V Mppt Solar InverterRs. 105,000
Inverex Veyron II Premium – 1.2 Kw-12V Mppt Solar InverterRs. 85,000

Inverex solar inverter

I would advise considering the Inverex Hybrid Solar Inverter if you have a high power load. It might be a good choice for what you require.

With its cutting-edge features like MPPT technology and sturdy, weather-resistant design, the Inverex is a great option for anyone wishing to capture solar energy.

Regardless of your background—homeowner, company owner, or supporter of green energy—this solar inverter will undoubtedly surpass your expectations.

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