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Galaxy Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

The revolutionary Galaxy solar inverter is made specially to efficiently and sustainably harvest solar energy. Because of its sophisticated features and gorgeous form, it is Pakistan’s best solar inverter technology.

The solar inverter from Galaxy is designed to satisfy the energy needs of both home and commercial consumers. A few Galaxy solar inverters have a continuous output power capability of 6,000 watts. Their 20A current capacity and high voltage make PV installation simple and quick.

Undoubtedly, the Galaxy solar inverter works with all large solar panels on the market. One of the main factors investors examine when considering a customer is their budget. While pricing is a significant consideration, it’s also critical to comprehend the inverter’s entire value and return on investment.

Similarly, the Galaxy 5kw solar inverter offers outstanding value for money by balancing performance and cost. Furthermore, Galaxy enables customers to optimize their savings and enjoy the financial benefits of solar energy without exceeding their budget. Even though the initial installation costs are substantial, they are long-term cost-effective.

Galaxy Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Galaxy Solar Inverter Price
5KW Galaxy solar inverter Rs.160,000
20KW Galaxy inverterRs.3,300,000
 GALAXY DUAL PV-5000 3.6 KW₨.175,000

Features of Galaxy Solar Inverter:

It has remarkable performance and reliability, enhanced by several outstanding specs. Among the important details are:

Maximum Power Output: A galactic solar inverter that can meet the energy needs of medium- to large-sized properties.

Compliant with standard solar panel arrangement, the input voltage range allows for efficient energy conversion in various weather conditions.

Features for safety: Installed a thorough protective system that permits safe and trouble-free operation in all scenarios, including overload and overheating. Long-term durability is brought about by high-quality materials that allow standing in harsh conditions.

Benefits of Galaxy Solar inverter

Galaxy inverters have various benefits, including increased efficiency, dependability, and durability.

  • These inverters also have a user-friendly interface, grid connectivity, a full warranty and support system, capacity, and appropriateness.
  • The Galaxy inverter integrates improved battery management for lead-acid batteries and supports Li-ion batteries.
  • More extensible MPPT input with two integrated MPPT charger controllers.
  • Supports single-phase and three-phase parallel operation with nine units. Remote GPRS tracking, configuration, and enhancement.
  • They supported local settings, upgrades, and monitoring.
  • Supports remote generator control and has a separate generator input terminal for microgrid systems.
  • Variable operating modes featuring adjustable charge and load power supply priorities.

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