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Galaxy Pluto Inverter Price in Pakistan

The demand for dependable and effective power solutions is critical in today’s fast-paced world. In response to these developments, Galaxy Solar Inverters launched the state-of-the-art Galaxy Pluto Inverter Series in Pakistan. This series is a member of the new-generation Hybrid line and was painstakingly created to meet the various energy needs of both residential and commercial customers.

With its unique dual output connections, the Pluto Series is made to handle enormous loads, particularly those from essential and intelligent applications. These inverters include integrated Battery Management System (BMS) choices that enhance long backup capabilities and are flawlessly compatible with the newest lithium-ion battery technology. Their efficiency and longevity have made them popular with small businesses and households.

Galaxy Pluto Inverter Price in Pakistan

Galaxy Pluto InverterPrice
Galaxy Pv5200 Pluto 5200 ON OFF Grid Dual Output 138,999 PKR
Galaxy Pv7200 Pluto 7200 ON OFF Grid Dual Output 181,000 PKR
Galaxy PLOTU PV 3200 86000 PKR
Galaxy PLOTU PV 3000 92000 PKR

Features of Galaxy Pluto Inverter

  • Solar inverter with only sine waves.
  • RGB Lights.
  • High range of PV input voltage.
  • Battery-independent design.
  • They have an integrated 120A MPPT solar charger.
  • Battery equalization is a feature that maximizes battery longevity and performance.
  • Integrated anti-dust equipment designed for hard settings.
  • The Galaxy Pluto inverter is made to easily work with both off-grid and on-grid configurations. Boosting energy independence and offering a dependable power source. With a 98% efficiency rate, this dual nature lets customers handle outages more skillfully and optimize their energy use by alternating between grid power and battery storage.
  • The Pluto is made With a larger output capacity; these can meet more demanding energy requirements and provide a steady power supply even in the event of an outage. Larger houses, medium-sized enterprises, or environments where operating several high-power appliances at once is necessary will find it suitable.

In summary

Finally, Galaxy Pluto inverters in Pakistan provide two other alternatives to accommodate a range of needs and budgets. In the energy management products market, the Galaxy Pluto Inverter series sticks out as a sensible and trustworthy option. With their reliable power supply and improved energy efficiency, these inverters protect comfort and productivity while ensuring that your activities continue unhindered.

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