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Fronus Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

The Fronus solar inverter represents a significant breakthrough in the ever-evolving field of solar energy. Fronus has established itself as a market leader in manufacturing inverters, renowned for their exceptional quality and efficacy. Fronus Solar Inverter in Pakistan stands out for easily handling heavy loads because of the incorporated protection packages.

It is essential to ensure the dependability and longevity of solar panels. Considering the increasing trend of businesses opting for solar energy, the price of Fronus inverters in Pakistan is competitive. It makes a viable option for transitioning their commercial activities to solar power.

Fronus inverters are an excellent choice for Pakistani businesses just beginning their solar energy journey since they offer affordability, reliability, and efficiency.

Fronus Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

The key variables influencing the pricing of Fronus Inverters in Pakistan are the exact product capacity that clients demand and the current dollar exchange rate. The price of Fronus on-grid solar inverters in Pakistan depends on the model, features, and inverter capacity.

Product NamePrice
Fronus Platinum PV2200 Solar InverterRs. 58,000
Fronus Platinum PV3200 Solar InverterRs. 86,000
Fronus Platinum PV5200 Solar InverterRs. 128,000
Fronus Platinum PV7200 Solar InverterRs. 158,000
Fronus Platinum PV9200 Solar InverterRs. 287,800
Fronus Infineon 5200 4.2 Kw Hybrid Solar InverterRs. 126,000
Fronus Infineon 7200 6.2 kW Hybrid Solar InverterRs. 159,000
Fronus Platinum PV12200 Solar InverterRs. 315,000
Fronus Matrix 6Kw Single Phase MPPT Base Solar InverterRs. 325,000

Fronus offers a wide range of features and capacities to meet the specific needs of its customers. Now, these inverters may be purchased for anything from PKR 65,000 to PKR 185,000. Larger business energy needs are more effectively served by the higher end of the price range, whereas the lower back often meets more modest home energy needs.

What is a Fronus Grid-On Fronus Solar Inverter, and what are its features?

On-grid Fronus inverters are necessary to convert the DC from solar panels into 240 V of usable AC. Features of On-Grid Fronus Solar Inverters The best features an inverter can have are combined with cutting-edge technology to create Fronus on-grid inverters.

The Fronus grid-tie solar inverters’ specifications are as follows:

  • Optimize working with two MPPT inputs.
  • 208–240 output is possible.
  • An integrated surveillance system Inbuilt connections for AC and DC-DC input range (230-500VDC)
  • A surveillance system accessible online
  • The display system uses an LED to show all operations.
  • 98.1% maximum efficiency Small and fashionable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • IP56 and IP66 protection against moisture and dust. Silent operations are possible with transformerless and controlled cooling.
  • Integrated AFCI to boost security.

Features of Fronus solar inverterSmart Grid Compatibility:

Fronus inverters can interface with smart grid technology, making Pakistan’s energy infrastructure future-proof.

High Efficiency: The high-efficiency rates of Fronus’ best solar inverters in Pakistan provide the highest possible conversion of solar panel energy into usable power.

Durability: Because these inverters are designed to withstand Pakistan’s varied climate, they are renowned for their unwavering resilience.

User-Friendly Interface: The inverters’ user-friendly interface makes them easy to operate for both technical and non-technical people.

Flexible Installation Options: To accommodate a range of spatial requirements, these inverters can be installed in several locations.

Remote Control and Monitoring: By using integrated networking functions, users can keep an eye on and manage their energy usage from a distance.

Cost-Effective Maintenance: Total costs are reduced since less maintenance is required.

Large Range of Models: Fronus offers a large range of models to accommodate Pakistan’s diverse energy requirements and preferences.

Large Range of Models: Fronus provides a large range of models to accommodate Pakistan’s diverse energy requirements and preferences.

An Energy Solution: These inverters help Pakistan create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy landscape by utilizing solar energy.

Competitive Pricing: Due to its reasonable price in Pakistan, the Fronus inverter is a cost-effective choice for converting solar energy.

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